Monday, July 15, 2013

Ashley Eivins- Impression of Russell Street School

I am blown away by how huge of a project the entire school has contributed to making a success. Teachers have posted student work, assignments, forms for parent information, student made videos and individual portfolios. The blog also provides information about applying for jobs and other school/district resources. It is truly the motherload of school blogs.

Displaying student work motivates students to work hard and create quality work that they are proud for the whole world to see. The video of the student assembly shows the school is dedicated to communicating with parents. The posts are very diverse, allowing all types of learners to display their creativity.

New Zealand must have fewer restrictions on posting pictures of students on the internet, or the school must have gone to extreme measures to get permission from all of the students' parents.

Overall, this blog in impressive and I applaud the amount of effort and dedication required from staff, students, and parents.


  1. You know I did not even think about the picture restriction that is an interesting point.

  2. Ashley, to answer your question or wonderment about the pictures... Part of the acceptable use policy that students and parents sign includes information about the use of photos online. There is a place on the form for parents to opt out of this option, but my understanding is that very few parents do it (as they see it as an opportunity to teach their children - as do the school - about responsible posting online and protecting one's digital footprint).

  3. We have a similar form for parents to sign, but there is a surprising number who do not want their child's picture posted (considering we are a small school).

  4. Ashley, I think you are correct on the quality of work. When students know their work will be seen by their peers, parents, and community, students probably put a little more effort into their assignments.
    Jaime Piatt

  5. Ashley,
    I agree with your thoughts on posting student work acting as a motivating factor for them. Students are very proud of the work they do and to be able to extend that forum to an audience outside of the school is a pretty cool use of blogs.