Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Holthaus - Impression of Russell Street School

Speechless! Wow, I am very impressed with the depth of this blog. Looking at the variety of posts not only from the teachers but primarily the students. It is obvious Russell Street School is using technology to its benefit. It is apparent the students begin blogging in the very young grades, so they become confident bloggers quickly.

The school has a very comprehensive computer safety policy which is reassuring. I was also very impressed with the number of photos capturing some interesting looking activities. These students are learning through inquiry and doing. They truly look happy.

The student blogs were also interesting to look at. I think it is neat each student has their own personal blog along with the class blog. The school definitely has the support of the parents in using technology.

It would appear these students are being provided with an engaging educational experience that is preparing them for life. Thank you for introducing me to this amazing school.

Also, I made the mistake of making a comment instead of posting.  I copied my entry.



  1. Catherine, yes the parents are quite involved in Russell Street school. The school is also located in a fairly wealthy community, which does help matters.

  2. Catherine, I also like how the school had a very comprehensive computer safety policy. I think this is very important before starting something like this!

  3. Catherine, I think it's really cool that you thought to take a look at the school's computer safety policy. Blogs are an interesting creative medium and it's easy for us to get caught up in what kinds of educational experiences they can offer, but some of us definitely need to stay grounded in the realities of policy. I think I'll take a look at the safety policy as well and see if I can garner any ideas that would be useful in my own school.

  4. Catherine, I was impressed with the school's computer safety policy as well. It is imperative, especially in such a tech-rich environment! This school has found a way to highlight many of their students' strengths and accomplishments using this medium. I started doing e-portfolios with my students last year, so I was particularly interested in the individual student blogs and I was very impressed! I really appreciated that assessment pages could be password protected, as some of that information is NOT for the world to see.