Saturday, July 20, 2013

J. Stevenson: Russell Street School

Wow, I made a list of what I liked about the Blog and that was before I looked at the students pages.  What an incredible tool the school has created for staff, potential employees, parents, and teachers.  There is all kinds of information here:

-Review of the Disclosure: I pulled several ideas that I would like to include in mine (disclaimer about other links, not responsible for lost material,  and trying to keep the page up and running).
-The About page is great info for families and other schools
-Newsletter archive
-elearning videos for students and teachers.  
-Thursday Notice Board: a specific time and place to put out weekly information.
-Learning Links: My wife does Mommy school with our kids during the summer with our kids and links like this could be really beneficial.
-Links for Parents: Parents should love this school.
-Suggest Ideas: This looked like it was for teachers, but a great forum to share ideas or ask for help.

As for the classroom and student pages, what a great way to help parents see and be involved in their student's learning.  I really liked all the additional pages for each classroom, where kids could learn more about Math, Reading, elearning classes, etc.  As for the kids pages, they are learning how to use computers and they are finding healthy ways to share their work with others.  This provides both technical development and a very healthy form of emotional development.  Great, great ideas.


  1. Jeremy, I'm glad that you found some things in the disclosure statement that you'd like to incorporate. I know that the materials that I have in Moodle on this topic are all based around one or two examples, and I suspect most students do not go out and seek additional examples. So the fact that you saw things useful here is great!

  2. I agree the learning links could be a great addition to any I never thought to look on the disclosure page for some examples and information to use on my own. Good stuff!

  3. Michael,

    Thanks to the requirement you gave us to make a blog roll, I have gone out and checked out a few different blogs. I was at first overwhelmed by the amount of tools this site provides, but then I thought to myself, if I just found one tool or link per week, but the end of a school year my Psychology or Geography blog would be a much better resource for my students.


    1. Jeremy, that is actually a very good strategy to take with many of these activities. What is one thing I can use in my own teaching.

  4. I really like your point about the blog being a healthy way to share information and create healthy emotional development. The blogs also help students to overcome shyness and encourage sharing and reflection, which will aid them in all walks of life.

  5. This is an excellent way to reflect on the blog. Creating a list like this would have helped me focus my own reflection better. I too was impressed with the amount of work this school has put into making this blog work for them. What an inspiration it is for me!

  6. Jeremy, I agreed your point about the school's Disclosure Page. I thought it was very well done as well. Your comment that the student blogs provided students the opportunity healthy emotional development was not one I had considered before, but I really liked.

    This forum allows students to share their work and give and receive feedback in a reasonably controlled environment, which is an effective way for them to hone their skills.

    Thanks for your insights!