Sunday, July 21, 2013

Guthrie's Impressions

I went to room 9's blog.

The classroom blog looks similar to what I want my blog to look like. I like how the blog highlights different parts of the day. I also like all of the pictures.

I checked out a couple of the students blogs. The blogs were used as an eportfolio. Some students posted a lot more information than others. Each blog has a header picture that is a collage of the students' favorite things.

I do have a concern that the blog has pictures of the children and their names.  One of the things I am concerned about is cyber safety. Although I like the pictures on the blog, I also want the children to be/stay safe.

What do you think would be a balance between posting pictures and child cyber safety?


  1. John, your question of balance is very important!

    In my opinion, posting pictures, with parental permission, is fine, but I do NOT like posting names...not even first names! I am very concerned about cyber safety as well.

    My principal and I disagree on this point. He is good with first names and last initials, and has said that we publish pictures and names of students in the local newspaper and this would be a similar medium, in his opinion.

    I'd rather error on the side of caution. If parents are on-board, the picture is enough.

    Your question is an important one that we all need to consider.

  2. John, there are cultural differences to consider as well. For one reason or another, the United States is much more concerned about these kinds of issues than most other places in the world. I'm not suggesting that this additional concern is right or wrong, only that it has been my experience that policies in the United States are more designed to try and remove any potential for legal action, and less designed on community desires or - in many instances - what makes general sense.

  3. In response to your question, I also have students' parents fill out a form that allows them to choose what they are willing to allow me to share about their students. I don't use any names, and parents have the choice of allowing me to share nothing, work, audio, video/pictures. They can choose one, all or none.