Friday, July 19, 2013

Jaime's Thoughts on NZ School

The Russell Street School is very intriguing.  There were many aspects I really liked about the school blog.  Not only does the school have a constant blog building, but each teacher blogs and many of the classes also has student blogs.  What a great way for a school to show what is going on within it!  I love that any community member can easily go to this blog and see what is going on.  I think most schools do not have a way to showcase the amazing things that takes place on a regular basis.   Allowing the community to see how students are learning and the positive, interactive, 21 century learning taking place would help the community have a desire to support the school system.  Too often, at least where we live, we hear about the negative things that give schools a bad name.  If we would highlight our hard working students, the community would want to support the great things taking place.
Having blogging as a part of the curriculum at the school puts more emphasis into a good quality work ethic.  The students know other people will be looking at their blogs. They don't want to be the weakest link!  At least I wouldn't want to be.  Students have the ability to have drafts, finish a blog, and if need be go back and edit it if it isn't up to par.  I love that each students page is unique and shows off who each person is.  Some create avatars, have pets, buddies, and other links.  They've taken the time to create a spot of their own on the net.  How cool is it to see the growth of each student throughout the years?!
This school has a good privacy policy on it to keep the students safe, a great interaction with parents and the community, and is supportive to its staff.  I noticed what they do to help the staff interact with each other, create a team atmosphere, and in-service to help the staff improve on their skills.  A supportive staff system is so important.
What a great school!  I know it is a leading school throughout the world in applying technology and in teaching 21st century skills.  Thanks for sharing.


  1. Jaime,
    I, too, was impressed by the level of commitment from the the school teachers and admin. This type of endeavor can't be pulled off successfully without the buy-in of the teachers and staff. I really enjoyed seeing how each teacher added unique information that revealed their own and their classroom's personality and learning.

  2. Jamie, you began your response with "There were many aspects I really liked about the school blog." I was wondering if there were any things you didn't like?

  3. Jaime,

    I agree with you that communities and parents really can't know how many wonderful things are going on inside a school without an effort like this. The opposite is true, I am sure there are some schools or classes where good things are not happening, but unless you go into the school and watch you don't know. What a great PR campaign if nothing else. For the kids, I know how much my kids love showing me what they have done, now grandma and anyone else who wants to see can.


  4. Jaime,
    I agree with the ideas you have for a blog to allow a school to boast all the great ways our students are learning. I think giving publicity to all the good things happening in out schools would be well received by the community and I think that kind of partnership could benefit everyone.

  5. Jaime, I liked your comment about how this blog would support quality work from students. Having a bigger audience is often a wonderful motivator for students, and this school has offered up the audience of the world!

    I appreciated your thoughts about showcasing students' work and how the school is generating a positive school perception beyond its walls through their school blog.

    Thanks for your insights.