Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cassidy Baker- impression of Russell Street School Blog

The first thing I noticed when looking at the Russell Street School Blog was the layout and presentation. My eye was instantly drawn to how it looked so inviting. I liked the fact that it almost looked like a website layout. I imagine that keeping up a school blog is so much user friendlier than a website. As I scrolled through the posts I also noticed that posts were not confined to just text, but including video clips of the students and their projects. I also noticed the tool Scribd used which I have used in another class. Being able to see the full document like that is nice and easy to see. I also noticed that some of the posts had smaller pictures, almost in the form of an article. I liked that and would like to adapt that to my blog as well. I also liked that the header had many options and functions and was very easy to use. For example, finding an assembly calendar was easy and was connected to Google calendars which is very easy to update. The header also changed as a went to different topics, which I thought was neat.

Although, I don't need quite this much information on my school blog, I saw how it could be easily organized, even when I have tons of information to present.


  1. Cassidy, next week we'll begin to look at blogging with more than just text. Hopefully, the excitement that Russell Street has generated will carry over into those activities.

  2. I agree that the blog looked like a typical school website initially. I think it's a great set up to take away any reservations or resistance one may have to blogs. I'm sure many of us new to blogging will be looking to this as an example for structuring our blogs going forward.

  3. Cassidy, I also liked the creative ways to blog that this school demonstrates. The website feel was an environment I was comfortable in too, although I did find it a bit "busy", because of some of the blog features found on the sidebars.

    I LOVE Scribd! I use it all the time on my website to make sure parents and students have various documents accessible.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for your posts on my comment! I, like you, like the creative side of blogging. I like that blogs have the possibility of showing a little personality and fun, but also be informative. I, like most of my students, are very visual. For me, I can be put off simple by the layout or design of a website and not want to read on. I think having an engaging and pleasing to the eye blog helps our students want to interact with it more.

  5. Pointing out how important aesthetics are isn't something that I thought of when I was looking at the blogs, but I see how important that might be. It's not only important as others read and look at blogs, but it is gives a sense of ownership and individuality to each students. Very astute observation.