Thursday, July 18, 2013

Casey Capece's Impression

My first impression when looking at the Russell Street School website was amazement. I don’t think I have ever come across a school website that was informative in every which way. I think the neatest aspect of the website is how each class contributes a blog. The blog has a cute name and displays all sorts of projects and works of the students in that class. What a great way for teachers to connect and keep parents informed about what their child is doing and learning.
I was happy to see that even special areas got a shout out in Room 14. The class had a link on their blog to PE and The Arts to showcase work. However, the posts were lacking. Maybe the link was new to their site and they are working on updating it. (I hope!)
I plan on sharing this website with a few colleagues at school who help to maintain our school website. It will serve as inspiration for the future!


  1. Casey, it is great to get buy in from your fellow colleagues. One of the reasons why Russell Street School has had such success on this front is because all of their staff are involved with this initiative.

    1. It makes me wonder if all the staff were on board with the idea. I think about my school and there would be a handful of teachers who I bet would be very uncomfortable with the idea of blogging.

  2. I think that is important, MKB, that for something like this to pull of you need involvement from everyone. Otherwise, it will end up failing. I am truly impressed with the collaboration and dedication this must have required.

  3. Casey, I really like how you're bringing this to your colleagues. I know we wrote our blog proposals towards the beginning of this class, but having an example of how blogs with students already works may be exactly what I need to get blogging at my school. What a great idea!